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Providing you with the very best in town!

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  • We sell individually and also bulk to stores/bars

  • 3 sizes:

    • Gallon (48 eggs )

    • Quart (12 eggs)

    • Pint (6 eggs)

  • Hot and spicy flavor

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Pickled Eggs


Our hens are all fed the same; a Vegetable-Fed Formula diet, not grain based. Chickens are just like people; each one is unique. For the hens that consumes our feed, they tend to lay an egg with a richer yolk. Your satisfaction is important to us! And we guarantee it. We gladly accept any feedback you may have. It may help us serve our hens and customers better! Thank you for buying local and farm fresh products!

Sincerely, Henry and Lorena Markowicz

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As with many agriculture story's, the history of Markowicz Egg Ranch is a family story. Patriarch Bronislaw Markowicz immigrated to the United States in 1952. In 1958 he purchased 10 acres in Yucaipa's North Bench area. At the time, agriculture was a thriving industry in Yucaipa, so Markowicz learned egg ranching. A carpenter by trade, Markowicz and his father hand built sixteen coops and a family home on the property. The business thrived. With four sons, Bronislaw Markowicz was a very successful commercial egg rancher. 


Sadly, in 2001, Bronislaw Markowicz passed away. In 2002 Henry inherited the ranch. The ranch was vacant for a while as Henry decided if ranching was truly what he was inclined to do. In 2007 Markowicz Egg Ranch returned to business, specializing in cage free brown eggs and some white eggs. Brown eggs are laid by Rhode Island Red hens and white eggs are laid by Leghorn hens. Currently, there are 4000 Rhode Island Reds and 2000 Leghorns happily producing eggs at Markowicz Egg Ranch. 


Today, Markowicz Egg Ranch makes Henry's Pickled Eggs. With Henry’s mother’s pickled eggs recipe, it has been in the family for 25 years, Henry’s Pickled Eggs are THE best in California. Once you try them, you’ll agree.

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